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Flying charter is easy, fast, and convenient with Vernon Aviation.

Where you need to go. When you need to be there.

Three core tenants keep Vernon focused:


Fly effortlessly and non-stop to any city in the Southwestern United States.


Call us anytime to schedule a safe, private flight. Anytime, anywhere.


Commercial airlines are cramped and crowded. Flying private with Vernon gives you room to breathe.

Two charter planes facing each other while parked on a tarmac in New Mexico

Private Air Charter Service for Northern New Mexico and Beyond

Enjoy the convenience of private air charter service with Vernon Aviation, based in Farmington, New Mexico. Discover why flying with us is the right choice for comfort, flexibility, and a great air travel experience.

Vernon Aviation Charter Airline

We accommodate our customers, running on your schedule. Most planes fit four to six passengers comfortably, perfect for families, business teams, groups of friends, and other travelers. We also have an 8-passenger Pilatus turboprop plane, which can fly 1,500 miles non-stop. Whether you're traveling on business or for leisure, Vernon Aviation provides a comfortable plane to anywhere in the continental United States. Our services enable you to have a relaxing flight on your terms.

Private Plane Perks

The benefits of chartering a private plane are many. Bring your pet and have him rest comfortably on your lap instead of being caged in cargo. Choose the flight times that work best for you and your group. We can customize your trip, taking care of details such as arranging for a rental car service to be waiting when you land. Skip the long security and baggage lines at a commercial airport and enjoy your traveling experience with us instead.

Our Private Air Travel Services

We give you the flexibility you need, customizing departure and return times that work best for you. If you need to visit multiple locations in one day, we will work it into the schedule. We are so flexible that, should you need to change your plans mid-flight, we can accommodate your new itinerary. Because charter planes can utilize many airfields, we can create the most effective route that serves you best. We can even take you to remote areas that are more difficult to reach via traditional commercial air travel.

Experience a Private Charter Flight

It's time you experienced the convenience of private air charter service. Our twin-engine planes are regularly inspected and maintained by top mechanics, and our exceptional licensed pilots have thousands of hours of flight experience. All our aircraft boast state-of-the-art avionics, making them safe, comfortable, and efficient. In addition to flying parties for business and leisure, we assist with bereavement trips, transport elderly passengers who need a more relaxing, accommodating flight, and assist individuals who need to make in-person deliveries.

Our business travelers enjoy the ability to conduct business during flights. All our passengers appreciate the hassle-free method of flying that private air charter service affords. Skip the airport lines and avoid the uncertainties of regular commercial travel when you fly with Vernon Aviation. Enjoy unparalleled customer service and a flight experience unlike any other.