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Flying charter is easy, fast, and convenient with Vernon Aviation.

Where you need to go. When you need to be there.

Three core tenants keep Vernon focused:


Fly effortlessly and non-stop to any city in the Southwestern United States.


Call us anytime to schedule a safe, private flight. Anytime, anywhere.


Commercial airlines are cramped and crowded. Flying private with Vernon gives you room to breathe.

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About Vernon Aviation Aircraft Charter Service

Vernon Aviation is a family owned company based out of Farmington, New Mexico. Two brothers, George and Gary Riley, recognized a need for convenient and efficient air travel that wasn’t available for their business or personal needs. The vision that they shared not only created a solution for themselves, but one that they knew would benefit others as well. They realized that the many advantages of charter air service would, and should be, enjoyed by all. Thus Vernon Aviation was born.

The Riley brothers chose to honor their dad's mother by using her first name, Vernon, in the forefront of their new endeavor. They desired the best for themselves, their families, friends, and the community that chooses to fly with Vernon Aviation. Their commitment to safety and security is paramount above all. Vernon Aviation boasts trained, professional, commercial pilots with thousands of hours of experience. It is the goal of the pilots at Vernon Aviation to offer a flight experience that is unsurpassed by all others.

“Flying with Vernon Aviation charter air service was the most convenient, comfortable, and worry-free experience for myself and family. We won’t fly commercial again!” – Extremely satisfied customer