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Advantages of charter aircraft services

There are many benefits to private charter air service over a standard commercial flight. Nevertheless, commercial flights are often the first choice for some travelers. This new option of flying private with Vernon Aviation Charter Air Service is a means of air travel that should be considered and not overlooked. Previously, individuals had limited options available concerning air travel in and out of Farmington, New Mexico. This is no longer the case in the Four Corners Region. Vernon Aviation can now get you to almost any location in New Mexico, Colorado, Arizona, Utah, Nevada, California, Wyoming, Texas, Kansas, Oklahoma, and Idaho very quickly and conveniently.

A charter plane parked on a tarmac in New Mexico

Convenient and flexible

Vernon Aviation allows travelers to customize their departure and return times according to their specific schedules and needs. The ability to visit multiple locations in a day, do a combined business trip, or plan a weekend away is now possible. Travelers can even change flight plans mid-flight if necessary. Charter planes can use a multitude of airfields, often convenienty getting clients as close as possible to their destination. Charter Air Service can further broaden your horizons by providing access to remote areas where commercial air service is not available.

Safe and efficient

Vernon Aviation’s aircraft are twin engine planes for your safety. Our aircraft are maintained and certified by I/A mechanics that operate an ongoing inspection program monitored by the FAA. Trained, professional licensed commercial pilots with thousands of hours of flight experience operate the aircraft. The aircraft, which are pressurized for comfort, have modern equipment upgrades and state of the art avionics. They have the ability to fly over or around most weather situations. Chartering a plane with Vernon Aviation is an efficient and economical choice for businesses when multiple staff members travel, taking in consideration their wages and time away from the office. Individuals can leave, attend meetings, tend to business needs, and then return back to their primary office all on the same day. Prior, without Vernon Aviation Charter Service, the suggested scenario previously would require multiple days of absence, hotels, meals, and rental car costs. Time is money! Travelers can now minimize unnecessary time spent away from home and office. Charter Air Service allows management and staff to spend their workday working, not traveling, and still allow for family time in the evenings.

The efficiency of Charter Air Service extends past the corporate level. In addition, we fly private parties, trips for pleasure, bereavement trips, transport elderly people who cannot travel all day, and a myriad of custom flight arrangements. Vernon Aviation can also transport freight, tools, equipment or materials for many purposes, especially when an emergency arises thus eliminating conflict with commercial airline’s freight and baggage regulations. In addition, we are faster than FedEx or hot shot deliveries.

Two leather seats inside a charter aircraft in New Mexico

Enjoyable and private

Flying with Vernon Aviation Aircraft Charter Service is a travel experience like no other. There are no security checks or baggage lines. Once at the Hangar, air departure is usually within 15 minutes. This also eliminates hours spent in crowded airport terminals and cancelled or delayed flights – We wait on you! If necessary, overnight and/or weekend layover service is available. Vernon Aviation takes the worry out of air travel and offers personal attention before, during, and after a flight. While in-flight, business can be conducted privately and conveniently. Lastly, the threat of being involved in any terrorism event is zero.