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Have questions about flying charter?

Everyone has questions, hopefully we can answer them here. These are our most freguently asked questions.

  • Q: What does a Charter Flight cost?

    A: Each flight is calculated individually with multiple factors involved, but roughly averages around $1000 an hour.

  • Q: How many people does an aircraft hold?

    A: Our planes can occupy up to six passengers with little or no luggage. Most flights are booked with 4-5 passengers to allow for luggage and flight times, but again, determined case by case.

  • Q: Can I bring my dog or pet?

    A: Yes! Animals can be figured into the flight analysis and sit on your lap instead of caged with the cargo.

  • Q: How early should I arrive for my flight?

    A: Since there’s no security or baggage, you can arrive on your schedule. Departure is usually 15 minutes after arrival, but it’s your flight, we wait on you!

  • Q: How far does Vernon Aviation fly?

    A: Vernon Aviation currently can travel the continental United States. However, we have an effective range of 800 miles direct straight line.

  • Q: Some friends and I are planning a trip to Las Vegas, Nevada, but only for the evening. Does the plane wait or come back?

    A: Vernon Aviation offers overnight and weekend layover service, if scheduling permits, so the plane would wait.

  • Q: What kind of aircraft does Vernon Aviation fly?

    A: We fly Cessna 414A, a twin-engine pressurized aircraft.

  • Q: Can I do computer work on the plane?

    A: Yes! Electronics can be used in "Airplane mode" while in flight.

  • Q: Once at destination, is rental car service available?

    A: Yes! A Vernon Aviation representative can arrange rental car service and have them waiting at the airport with the personal information that you provide.

Feel free to contact us if your question hasn't been answered here. If you're ready to book your flight head over to our online quote form.

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