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Fly Private on a Charter Plane

There are many reasons clients choose to charter a plane. A private plane saves time, offers privacy, and allows passengers to actually enjoy the experience of flying.

The Private Charter Plane Difference

Our private charter planes put the comfort and convenience back into air travel. Our service allows you to arrive at your leisure, skip the long lines and bypass security. We typically depart about 15 minutes after our clients are seated on the aircraft. Our planes can be scheduled whenever you need them. You can rest confidently onboard, knowing that you are in the hands of highly trained pilots who have logged thousands of hours of flight experience.

Private plane service can address a wide variety of client needs and desires, including:

  • Efficient business trips
  • Romantic getaways
  • Destination parties
  • Private transport for bereaved loved ones
  • Travel to remote destinations

A chartered plane can also be an ideal travel option for the sick or the elderly who are unable to spend long hours on car rides or waiting in the airport.

Service Options

Our private charter service is flexible. Our Cessna 414A planes seat up to six people. Passengers can bring their pets on board, schedule multiple stops, or even plan a weekend retreat. We offer overnight and weekend layovers, meaning that the plane is ready to go back home when you are. Our customer service representatives can help design a travel plan that works for you. The itinerary you make with us is flexible—you can even change your travel plans mid-flight. We can also arrange for ground transportation at your destination. Commercial travel is rarely effortless—switch to a private charter flight and let us worry about the details!

Travel to All Destinations in the Continental United States

When you book a flight with Vernon Aviation, we can plot your flight to land as close to your destination as possible. As a small, non-commercial aircraft, we have access to airstrips off the beaten path, cutting your travel time on the ground. We offer direct flights within an 800 mile radius of our plane's takeoff location. With refueling, we can travel throughout the continental United States.